To Summer

Summer like a young energetic, fiery, passionate girl.
I remember all kinds of summer fun, such as surfing, swimming,picnic and various stimulating thing

Of course, my most favorite is wearing a sexy bikini to the beach to play with my friends,that is very sexy and full of the feeling of youth.

Low Cut Orange Fabric Spandex Bikini

Sexy Bikini For Summer

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Traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day

Today is the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, in fact ,we know a little about it and just know it  called Valentine’s Day, in fact, it has another name called Qi Qiao Festival, but anyway, we still have to celebrate it.
How do we celebrate it?
For me, I like to go shopping, to buy some clothes for myself.What my favorite is to buy a new fashion dress on the internet which is cheap and convenient.It is easy for me to buy one because I always shopping on the internet. Of course, I will buy in advanced and I can wear it  on the Valentine’s Day. 20Next, many people would love to go out to have a date. Although every year has the Valentine’s Day,but every time has a different feeling, on this day, many people  will choose to watch movies or go shopping, but I prefer to go to the beach with a beach dress and I am sure it will be great.

Summer Dress,Beach Dress,Fashion Dress

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How A Woman To Keep Appealing

As you know, no one is perfect, but all of us pursue it, to become a perfect woman. Yes, you are right, we can’t resist to become the perfect one .

But how to make it come true in your daily life?  Not everyone have enough time on it as we have to work to support the life, so it is important to make a schedule and to practice it in every day.

So, how should we start?

Firstly, we can start from the outward, it is the most important aspect to become a dedicated woman. And then you need to learn how to deal with your clothes, including the color choice , the clothes match. A few of dedicated dress is necessary. Here is a good tips for you, you don’t need to buy many dresses, but a sexy black dress is necessary. If you don’t care, you can wholesale fashion dress and it is really cheaper.

Sexy Pink Peacock Feather Pattern Sleeveless Long Dress

 Sexy Pink Peacock Feather Pattern Sleeveless Long Dress

Secondly, care about your skin maintenance ,the whole body maintenance is the best. You need to learn how to chose the suitable Cosmetic and that is totally important.

Finally, keep exercise and learning, this is the best way to keep you charming.




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I Have Leaned Some Fashion Ropes This Year

At the end of year, we always think,“wow, time slips again”. Now one year has passed, we just want to have a reflection of this year’s work and life. My 2013 is not that special, I do my routine work. However, I walk in the fashion field this year, and know some ropes about fashion, and know the relation between fashion and life. I’d like to brush that little progress.

Wholesale Mini Dresses is cheap. This Sexy Dresses sales at US$ 7.95.

US$ 7.95 Black Sexy Long Evening Dress With Ruffle


I grow up with the pace that time goes; maturity let me know what I want. Black Wholesale Mini Dresses from top to bottom means I don’t like changing too much, especially what I love. Think twice before leap, sometime, no matter how large the life change, the essence is unchanged.

Wholesale Bodycon Dresses is US$ 8.85.

US$ 8.85 Sexy Gorgeous Ruched Gown Red


This year, I still pay attention to management of body curve for my favorite Wholesale Bodycon Dresses or tight Wholesale Leggings. I never stop my pursuit for perfect figure, but I won’t tangle over number on weighing scale, I focus more of my efforts on healthy diet and daily exercise, that’s the true way to shape body.


US$ 5.99 Wholesale Bodycon Dresses is  US$ 5.99.

US$ 5.99 Black Stripe Zebra Sleeve Mini Dress



Black+ White Wholesale Bodycon Dresses is everywhere, but only you try them on, you’ll know their magic. Love is like those two colors, they part and meet again, it is everywhere in the world. Sometimes, it turns out to be lifeless, however, real love become stronger though these lifeless time. Seek the white though black. Seek passion though lifeless time.


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Hiking Wholesale Summer Dresses

The summer is on its way. Girls who wear a piece of long dresses or Wholesale Mini Dresses must be pretty and floating. They are the wisest choice for hiking or weekend trip.

Wholesale Mini Dresses  sale at US$ 6.25.

Metallic V Sleeveless Yellow Dress


It is a piece sweet and lovely Wholesale Summer Dresses, yellow is a bright color, fill with warmth. Try it on, Teenager girls look petite and sweet. Girls who are above twenty give off a special flavor which belongs to youth. Jump on the summer train, and show your confidence and beauty with yellow summer dresses.

Wholesale Summer Dresses is cheap in wonder beauty.

Summer Dress US$ 9.98


A piece that outline your straight contour perfect is worthy of your possession. Sexy Spaghetti strap halter, multi-layered design in the front, long crisp dresses, it is completely a cozy and beautiful one.

Wholesale Leggings welcome your visit.

Sexy Leggings


Go for hiking, Elastic Wholesale Leggings may be a right choice, don’t you think so? Leggings are convenient for moving and excise, and they are all-matched, you can create plenty fashion set if you use them to the most…


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Just Regard the Benefits of Swimming,Wholesale Swimwear Is Indispensable

For the girls, choosing a right Wholesale Swimwear is such an important thing! Let’s together see some items.

Swimming is good for health, seeing this point is important. Most of people go to swim are all for this, because it can help women to lose weight and help man to build good figure. The reason is pressure and resistance from water can burn your fat and strength the muscle. Furthermore, water’s temperature is lower than normal body temperature so that it is easier to burn the body fat than outside excise. And swimming makes the body line even, which is better than shape body by fitness equipment. You can see the figures of the swimming player all over the world, their body line is awesome. It is good for health, mainly improving the function of cardio-pulmonary, also and lung’s capacities. Of course it enhances personal athletic quality directly. Swimming also is good opportunity to show good figure, as for ladies, and it is also good spot for man to meet love ladies. This is so attractive. So, for the girls, choosing a right Wholesale Bikinis is very important. Let’s see some items.

White Bikini and White Long Dress sale at US$6.25.

White Bikini and White Long Dress

Wholesale Bikinis sale at  US$ 8.50.

Sliding Blocks Romper Swimsuit

Ready for its moment in the sun: our V Metal Strapless Bikni Rose. Designed in soft fabric and unique v metal. From our  Sexy bikini collection of tops and bottoms to mix and match every sexy way.

V Metal Strapless Bikni Pink


Choosing wholesale bikini must be according to your figure, avoiding choose too small or too tight bikinis. Because water itself has pressure, if you still wear so tight bikini, that’s difficult for you to swim and breathe. In my opinion, comfortable take the first priority while choosing beach dresses.


Then, you are expected to care your Wholesale Sexy Lingerie style swimwear. Firstly, when you bath, don’t wear swimwear on, because hot water will let it lose elastic. You should wash your swimwear by pure water after you swim. Last, don’t sit down on beach directly when you are on swimsuit, because the sand will be embedded in the swimwear which is difficult to clear up. You can put some towels on beach then sit on the towel.

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Choosing Suitable Wholesale Swimwear According to Body Form

Choosing suitable Wholesale Swimwear according to body form and foiling your healthy figure is an important thing. Choose the right swimsuit can cover the shortcomings, not only can improve body line, it also helps you regain confidence.

Red Dolly Estella Bikini:our bikini with tassel design following the trend fashion.

Hot Red Dolly Estella Bikini

Small Chest– ruffle and bright colors

The women whose chest is not that large can choose the swimsuit with a few ruffles at the front. Because ruffle has it 3-d feeling and can make the chest looks larger. If you wanna more apparent effect, you can choose the bright color swimsuit such as pink, yellow which highlight your white skin and make women’s curve more prominent.

 Pharaoh Golden Mask Romper Swimsuit sale at  US$ 8.50.

Pharaoh Golden Mask Romper Swimsuit


Large Chest – one-piece + horizontal stripes

For busty ladies, they always felt uncomfortable when they wear Wholesale Beach Dresses, they are often afraid of exposure. With one-piece swimsuit, figure lines can be stretched, the exposure can be avoided more or less. And horizontal stripes design is able to make bust moderately large so the body line look more natural and even.

Sliding Blocks Romper Swimsuit sale at 8.50 dollars.

Sliding Blocks Romper Swimsuit

Thick waist – TwoToned Wholesale Lingerie StyleBeach Dresses

For the lady whose waist is thick, when you know to use color collocation to shrink your thick waist line visually, then your can try many kinds of swimwear.  A Two Toned swimsuit is the best choice which can effectively shape waist line.

Wholesale Beach Dresses,skirt style cover your shortcoming.

Sexy Beach Dress

Big hips – skirt style beach dresses

The women who have plump hips should choose short skirt style swimsuit which can exert modification function and effectively cover the hips.

Fierce Leopard Romper Swimsuit shape your body line.

Fierce Leopard Romper Swimsuit


Thick legs – high split

Thick legs bother lots of women and they might as well try some high split swimsuit.  Although it will show out all of the legs, but can make your legs look more slender on the vision, and make the line more aesthetic feeling.


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How to Match Coat with Wholesale Mini Dresses

Except Wholesale Leggings, to every girl, the normal collocation is one piece dress. No matter whether is winter or summer, the beautiful dress is necessary. So in this spring, the weather is a little cold, we need to go with a coat for dress, how does dress match with a coat?

Simple but chic, natural with creation. This slim frock features the saclloped collar and the mental button double row above the waist and around the sleeve.

Elegant Mental Button Yellow Dress


Ochre belongs to warm color, Ochre dress give us a feeling of warming, matching with the beige color jacket, it is perfect to show the feeling of elegant and confident.

Hot White Short Sleeve Lace Dress well-designed by lush lace allover is best-selling among body-conscious female.

Hot White Short Sleeve Lace Dress

White chiffon dress with deep pink jacket is graceful and artistic, white dress won’t look too simple, the pink give us a sweet sense which full of youth flavor.

Elegant Black Knitting Floral Dress sale at US$ 7.99.

Elegant Black Knitting Floral Dress

Black long dress goes with jean coat, jeans emit the feeling of personality and handsome, this whole dress is handsome and stylish.


Wholesale Mini Dresses,black and white style is typical.

Wholesale Mini Dresses


Black and white Wholesale Mini Dresses matches with the same black and white short coat, the whole collocation is perfect and shows the sweet mature.

Wholesale Summer Dresses have Deep blue dress with black slender belt on the waist

Wholesale Summer Dresses


Deep blue dress with black slender belt on the waist, it is not only harmonious but stylish, and matching with oblique buckle knitwear, it is a mirror of fashion single ladies. In the coming summer, purchasing this kind of Wholesale Summer Dresses will be a good choice.




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The Tips of Wholesale Summer Dresses Collocation

White grey sleeve short jacket have a kind of saucy, coupled with completely different texture Wholesale Mini Dresses, it not only has an elegant breath, but also has a new attitude of charming fashion.

There is no doubt that Layered collocation is a hot topic in this year.

Wholesale Mini Dresses

There is no doubt that Layered collocation is a hot topic in this year. White jeans or Wholesale Sexy Leggings, a shirt, plus a coat will look younger, willful and full of femininity.

Fashion Sexy Leggings Set cost US$ 2.50 in wonder beauty.

Fashion Sexy Leggings Set

The biggest feature of this dress is mixture, and when the suit is paired with a pretty red dress, it creates a kind of extreme flaming style.

US$ 5.60 Ladies Red Chiffon Maxi Dress wait for you.

Ladies Red Chiffon Maxi Dress

Harem pants is really cool, color is gradually multi-layered which are suitable for fashionable girls. T-shirt design is prevailed, stylish and simple. Today’s Wholesale Summer Dresses, you can try to wear harem pants style.

Harem pants is really cool, color is gradually multi-layered which are suitable for fashionable girls.

Harem Pants





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Dreamy Pink Barbie Sexy Lingerie

Pink represents tender, sweet, romantic, joyment, happiness and no pressure. It can reduce the attacks, comfort the upset emotion. Barbie Sexy Lingerie takes pink as its underlay color, and brings you to swim in the sweet bedtime.

This sexy lingerie with the shiny sequin bra and front Heart print and the ruched hemlime.

Romantic Heart Valantine Babydoll

One main type Wholesale Bikinis from Wonder Beauty is made up of the elastic pink silk witch is soft and heart embedded. The cute hem of the short skirt is made up of lace. It is steel-padded slightly. With it, you look sexier at the highest level, the hollow out designs and the adjustable shoulder strap is more attractive and alluring. The attractive g-string is the same. The feeling of transparent for the whole set is nice. The butterfly knot in the middle of chest adds little funny.

This sexy lingerie with the low cut detail and sexy sheer flabellate design and rose lace hemline and the front cute bow accent.

Sheer Flabellate Babydoll Black

The chest and the hem of the Wholesale Lingerie are all made up of the pink ruffle lace. The special texture on the lace is so cute and hot. The classical lace-up clipping make the chest line look complete.


Sexy Black Lace Bra Set has pink multi-strap in the front.

Sexy Black Lace Bra Set

Sexy Black Lace Bra Set has pink multi-strap in the front, the whole set is made up of the sexy sheer floral print lace fabrics. Crotchless thong use golden heart shape as its decoration. The edge of the bra and the bottom are all decorated with pink lace. How can those details fail to attract your lover?




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Sexy Lingerie Helps You Make It

Relaxing yourself, enjoying wonderful, pursing happiness also can prove the quality of life. Some people want to become gentle and well-behaved bunnies who are gently, smart and cute, while others would like to be “devil” to conquer everything. Some people would like to be “Angle” who is lovely and sweet. No matter what kind of character you want to be, Wholesale Sexy Lingerie can always help you to come true.

As the followings show, lingerie is an important keyword to express the women’s elegance, taste and attraction. This model Sexy lingerie are so sexy and kimono fabric is made of silk fabric and it can bring comfortable feeling when touch it. With black printed in a whole, it shows incomparable noble and elegant. Changing from conventional idea of two tone lingerie, this Sexy lingerie is one piece style which shows out its simple and decent. Six points sleeves with trumpet design which provide much space for people to think. And the V neck design shows charming. If woman wear this kimono, the tender charming shoulder really can ignite his passion.

Fashion Flowers Printed Kimono Style Night Costume featured looks in their collections influenced by the East.

Fashion Flowers Printed Kimono Style Night Costume


Black Lace Sexy lingerie is also outstandingly sexy. Black lace silk dress seems you are black thorn apple, noble, elegant and mysterious. If you wear this model lingerie, how can your lover refuse your attraction?

Wearing Black Seduce Slip Satin Lace Sleepwear will bring you an easy and elegant look.

Black Seduce Slip Satin Lace Sleepwear

I’d like to recommend wonderful sexy lingerie. The material is soft net yarn fabrics, wearing it must be comfortable and elegant. The red embroiders are lovely. Stunning Red Deep V-Neck Babydoll features adjustable straps with Cut out front and sides shows incomparable sexy.

Stunning Red Deep V-Neck Babydoll features Adjustable straps with Cut out front and sides.

Stunning Red Deep V-Neck Babydoll


Wholesale Corsets Style Lingerie is the most fashionable lingerie which are popular in Japan and Korea. This model Corsets design is combined with teddy. Pink ruffle is full of sweet cute temptation. It reaches the top of modern feeling.


You will be pleased to see such White Black Lovely Printing Laced Bowknot Halter Babydoll that are distinctive for its lovely.

White Black Lovely Printing Laced Bowknot Halter Babydoll

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Learn from Fashion Street Snaps And Choose This Year’s Wholesale Summer Dresses

Today, the streets become the resource of fashion current, and catch various street styles is becoming the most fashionable things at the same time. Wonder Beauty can always get more or less fashion information from the Street Snaps, and learn their fashion collocation. It’s the mirror of public daily dress which is closest to people’ daily life. Now let’s learn from Street Snap together.

Better move up to find less or more Wholesale Leggings

Wholesale Leather Leggings Look

Stella McCartney’s cyan floral shirt with tight black Sexy Leggings and a pair of dark blue high heels, Miranda Kerr put colors in right place. Better move up to find less or more Wholesale Leggings.


White Wholesale Mini Dresses Plus Outfit is popular.

White Wholesale Mini Dresses Plus Outfit

The White Wholesale Bodycon Dresses matching a black coat looks extremely simply cool.

Have a try of Dazzling Tops With black Short Slit Dresses.

Dazzling Tops With black Short Slit Dresses

Miranda Kerr’s dazzling tops and black short slit dresses make a sharp contrast. As for accessories, she chooses large size sunglasses and her favorite Givenchy handbag which has the same color as skirt. This style Wholesale Mini Dresses can be also accepted.

This year’s Wholesale Summer Dresses, why don’t we choose this way.

Floral Summer Dresses

Miranda • Can (Miranda Kerr) wearing a white vest style tops and a piece floral dresses compose her fashionable summer look. This year’s Wholesale Summer Dresses, why don’t we choose this way.

T-Shirt style floral long dresses plus a pair of golden sunglasses looks absolutely stylish.

T-Shirt Style Floral Summer Dresses

Again, Miranda Kerr shows her amazing fashion idea in summer. T-Shirt style floral long dresses plus a pair of golden sunglasses looks absolutely stylish.

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Wholesale Evening Dresses Neutral Look

Do you know what wind cross the fashion field? Recently, the neutral dress up is very popular on the show field. There are some women who love handsome styles showing their fashion dress.

Short hair proves that the neutral style is preferred. Wear White Jumpsuit Sexy Clubwear plus a coat outside makes your aura shine. Wonder Beauties totally can have a try.

Wholesale Jumpsuits can’t be ignored.

Wholesale Jumpsuits

This jumpsuit will take you easily from day to night.

Fashion Cut Out Jumpsuit White


All aspects of every fashion insider are permeated by the popular factors of the printed, this in a white shirt with Floral Leggings, the visual effect is good, very attractive, and also catch up the fashionable tip, No messy.  You can try one Floral Wholesale Leggings.

Charming Girl Sexy Legging sale at 2.5 dollars.

Charming Girl Sexy Legging


Wholesale Leggings set as floral style.

Floral Leggings

   You will look very clear and concise when you wear this jumpsuit Wholesale Evening Dresses. And the Leopard grain point makes you sexier. The pants you much choose Pants with rolling bottom which is popular most of time. Marching with Long nose high heels, not only will you be popular but elegant as well.

 You will look very clear and concise when you wear this jumpsuit Wholesale Evening Dresses.

Jumpsuit Evening Dresses

A set of the neutral suit of black and white stripe give a person a very strong visual effects, marching the high heels and black hand leather bag, you will be elegant and intellectual.

 you will be elegant and intellectual in this jumpsuit.

White&&Black Dresses





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Silhouette of Wholesale Evening Dresses-A, X, T, V and H

Silhouette outline of dresses No matter they are Wholesale Evening Dresses or Wholesale Summer Dresses is an important factor in design process, because it embodies main characteristics of the fashion trends in different eras. Applying Latin alphabet to dresses design has brought the profound influence on the international fashion field.

Firstly, H Line refers to the wide waist Apparel modeling. The width of the shoulder, waist, hip and hem of the clothing has no obvious difference and the outline is cylindrical shape. Sometimes, they tend to be long, slender, and sometimes they tend to be large, stretch, such as vertical straight overcoat, or Wholesale Summer Dresses. In general, H lines have concise and lively details. Using it in collocation inadvertently shows the feminine of women, charming and vivacious. It makes the curve slimmer and slender. And H line will give you a impression of be neat and crisp without too many accessories. H line style look lively, natural and unrestrained. Wear comfortably, Style easily. Due to the loose waist design details; it can cover the waist fat. The silhouette of H in combination with starched fabrics makes a more mature and competent woman when you with this dress. What is more, the H line apparel will make you full of confidence and elegant temperament.

H line apparel will make you full of confidence and elegant temperament.

H line Wholesale Summer Dresses

Secondly, A Line refers to the apparel silhouette with small top and big bottom. A line is equal to the geometric triangle, and isosceles trapezoid. Loose A line silhouette design distracts your attention for waist. This solves the fat belly and wide hip problem. Loose A line dress is most suitable. The wide hem can also bring sweet feeling.

A Line Elegant Cocktail Dress cover your hip.

A Line Elegant Cocktail Dress

A Line Red Dresses cover your hip and highlight your waist.

A Line Red Dresses


Thirdly, O line refers to the exaggerated shoulders, shrink hem details which features exaggerating but soft characteristic. The larger area O line silhouette shape models through the sharps contrast between top and bottom. O line looks a little funny, but makes girl looks cute. Sometimes O line dresses matching with Wholesale Leggings looks really sexy and leisure.

O line dresses matching with Wholesale Leggings looks really sexy and leisure.

O Line Dresses

Forth, X line refers to dresses which have wide shoulder, fine waist, and broad hem design. For O line dresses is closest to the human body curve and it strength the women’ feminine so that it becomes one of the women’ favorite outlook. X line dress enlarge shoulder width and hemline to make a slim waist and make the overall appearance similar to letter “X”. X line, in conformity with the beautiful female curve can fully display the charm of women.

X line, in conformity with the beautiful female curve can fully display the charm of women.

X Line Dresses


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The Temptation of Black Sexy Clubwear

Black is the forever fashion in the Fashion World. Trendsetters are really fond of the mystery and elegant of Black. If the texture of black clothing is very good, it will make you more outstanding. One of the favorite ideas of stars is to return the minimalist essence and interpret the extreme personality. Whether she is flirty, sexy, charming, or contracted, low-profile, she can always find out her own style in the black collocation, smashed all the vulnerability and immature. If we want to wear black clothing, we have to avoid submerging in the look of dark. Now, let the black clothing collocation give us the most popular guide.


Sexy Clubwear is cheap.

Wholesale Sequin Dresses

Jennifer Lawrence wearing Louis Vuitton 2014 spring and summer series of black Wholesale Sequin Dresses, sequined and beaded decorative designs allow lazy pajamas transformed into a luxury dress.

Sexy Clubwear is fashionable.

Wholesale Evening Dresses

Jennifer Lopez wearing a Dsquared2 2014 spring and summer series of Black deep V dress, pleated skirt decorated with huge hem and her sexy cleavage lets Jennifer turn into an elegant girl in the 1950s.Really need a perfect Wholesale Sexy Lingerie to foil dresses.

Sexy Clubwear is a level.

Wholesale Evening Dresses


Supermodel Karlie Kloss wearing a black Oscar de la Renta dress, the design for sequins pattern and high-slit will add to the taste of the Wholesale Evening Dresses, and deduces the luxury and sexy in implicit way.

Sexy Clubwear (4)

Wholesale Evening Dresses

Karmen Pedaru wearing a Dolce & Gabbana black perspective puff sleeve dress, exquisite embroidery pattern embellish on black tulle, charming and sexy.

Sexy Clubwear (5)

Wholesale Evening Dresses

Kate Bosworth wearing a black pleated decoration dress, flower decoration at the waist and neckline become the highlight of the whole look, and it also make elegant black dress become more cute and sweet.

Sexy Clubwear

Wholesale Evening Dresses

Lily Donaldson’s black pleated dress decorated deep V black is more like a version of classic white dress Marilyn Monroe, Stamped on the leopard high heels, bring a little bit wild atmosphere for the whole look.




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Black Evening Dresses Play an Important Role in the Fashion World

Black Wholesale Evening Dresses, mystery and sexy, are nice choices for women. The black symbolizes being composed, elegant, mysterious and rational. Different Color features combined with the different design style catch the needs of different consumers. In the daily dresses, black can always give the people some superiority. When teenagers shift to maturity, they also like black to symbolize their growth. Regardless what psychological state you have, appearance of clothing is the most direct self-suggestion and external declaration. In formal occasions, neat black uniforms or dressy coats foil a sole atmosphere, making the person feel the power. Black shows power and strength.

Elegant Lady Black Lace Mini Dress sale at  US$ 4.75.

Elegant Lady Black Lace Mini Dress

Emma Roberts wears Isabel Marant for H&M black lace dress is fully sexy and elegant. Long sleeves and sheer skirt increase lightness index of whole look.  Jimmy Choo high-heeled sandals increase it sexy apparel

Sleeveless Mesh Black Long Club Dress is US$ 9.35.

Sleeveless Mesh Black Long Club Dress

Eva Longoria wears sheer stitching long evening dresses from Victoria Beckham show her great fashion master although she is so petite. Black smoky eyes echo with whole look and give off strong aura that you can feel her confidence and magnificence. Famous band is kind of different for us, buy some suitable Wholesale Bodycon Dresses and create fashionable sets whose sexy index didn’t decline with its price at all.

Deep-V Neck Black Long Dress With Ruffle Side Skirt sale at US$ 9.15.

Deep-V Neck Black Long Dress With Ruffle Side Skirt

Evan Rachel Wood wears the little black dress of Robert Rodriguez and high-heels from Jimmy Choo. Cross collar design and pleat skirt send out retro flavor. We can have a try. If you want to choose some mini sexy dress, maybe you need the Wholesale Leggings to match in winter.


visit some Leather Evening Dress in Wonder Beauty.

Leather Evening Dress

Georgia May Jagger dressed in a black strapless leather dress with metal necklace, mix unruly character with elegant temperament.





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Learning to wear black dress in the party season

If you don’t know what to wear in the party season that pls find out your black dress which will definitely be safest choice in any time. We provide this black dress with deep V neck and backless for you as a reference. It can be retro stylish dress in 1950s. If you only have elegant little black dress in your closet, then it is high time that you should update it.

Black Bodycon Dresses is really chamring.

Bodycon Dresses

Anja Rubik dress up a black pieced Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane and attached it with one pair of leggings stockings. The perspective polka design add some sexy for the black bodycon dress. We can visit some Wholesale Bodycon Dresses and pick one of these styles.

 Peplum Dresses is retro and decent.

Peplum Dresses

Elizabeth Banks wear summer long dresses which kind of Wholesale Peplum Dresses style from Alexander McQueen 2014 and take part in the film premiere. The colorful decorations in front attract the whole attention. The Long dresses stretch the body line in a quiet way.

Dresses with Leggings can be fine.

Dresses with Leggings can be fine.

Alexa Chung wears a Carven black lace dress. Laced loose hemline enriches the Sense of depth of whole look, also increase a little bit lightly transparent feeling. Choosing one pair flat shoes made of velvet material rather than a high-heel shoes stands out her sweet temperament. If you have such style dresses, matching it with Wholesale Leggings Stockings would be fine.

So get start and choose one:


Deep V-Neck Back Bandage Clubwear sale at 4.95 dallars.

Deep V-Neck Back Bandage Clubwear


Shoulder open zipper dress is really shaping your body contour.

Shoulder open zipper dress

Deep-V Neck Black Long Dress With Ruffle Side Skirt is so pretty.

Deep-V Neck Black Long Dress With Ruffle Side Skirt




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Which “LOOK” is Your Style?

Confident women always let people feel her strength inside and outside. This aura is not exaggerating at all. It makes women always full of energy! The fashion street snaps and T –Show always attract our eyes, confident as you.  Which following look is your style? Pls follow me and see it together, there are 4 “LOOK”: A, B, C, and D, which one will you want to keep yourself and wear it right now?

A, Lightly Luxurious and Elegant Style

Velvet texture brings beautiful keynote! Softly touching, the velvet fabric with shiny color, bright belt which shapes a perfect proportion of woman body, all of those completes the lightly luxurious style. Wholesale Leggings also show off a different light and elegant feel!

Yellow And Black Checks Leggings features stunning stretchy and snug wearing.

Yellow And Black Checks Leggings

B, Simple Modern Style

There are many definitions for elegance, but the simple charm is never changed! Long coat, apparent lines reveal tough and refined character of woman, interpreting a Chic modern style.

Sexy Clubwear is all inclusive,such as Wholesale Bodycon Dresses,Wholesale sequin Dresses ......

Sexy Clubwear

C, Graceful and Saucy

Lace black dress with a perfect cut style show off a perfect body curves, bring a graceful but saucy image. This Wholesale Bodycon Dresses successfully restores the Graceful and Saucy of modern urban women!

Long Sleeve Cut-out Dress is necessitiess of your wardrobe.

Long Sleeve Cut-out Dress

D, Urban Sports Style

The sports style is full of dynamic moving feeling, but it can be also very elegant in fact! Wholesale Mini Dresses or bright shorts with sweater create a sporty look which is vibrant and fashionable temperament mix!

Wholesale Mini Dresses can be dynamic,also can be very elegant.

Dynamic && Elegant Wholesale Dresses




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Weekly Sexy Leggings style and Long Dresses Street Snaps

Week by week, every week has new look, the fashionable street snaps of Wonder Beauty always make us overwhelmed and usher in the trend, now let us retrospect the Europe ladies’ fashionable street snap from last week.

Gold Stripe Seam Leisure Cotton Leggings sale at US$3.5.

Gold Stripe Seam Leisure Cotton Leggings

In the heart of every girl lives a little boy, they are strong and brave, dressed concisely and domineeringly with a powerful presence. Black tight Wholesale Leggings, oversize’s jeans are their favorites. In the cold winter, an oversize knitted sweater is the best choice. Girl dressed in black leggings with boots looks taller, it is more handsome than hot-yet-problematic men, and the luxurious details stand aside, what we want is just the feeling of cool, neutral and enjoyable.

Wholesale Evening Dresses is pure pretty.

Wholesale Evening Dresses

However, when they behaved like a lady, everyone will be a princess, a little elfin with impressive stature, beautiful red lips and sexy long legs. Dressed Wholesale Evening Dresses, they look really pretty and attractive.

Weather to be a tomboy or a soft girl, in my opinion, you totally can try both. Let’s find some items from Fashion Dresses Online. Remember that, fashion is not defined by Price.

Have you been invited for a party at the nightclub and wondering what to wear? Black Glittering Neck Party Dress with unusual neckline is sure a top-notch option for you tonight.  You’re absolutely making all the men around and full of fantastic idea with the sultry cut-out designs. Spotlight for its neck adorned by gold chain and neat rivets, reveal insight keyhole front will never get out of fashion. For you are going to night club this time, this Wholesale Bodycon Dresses can be a stunning piece to show out the best side of you in crowd.


Black Glittering Neck Party Dress sale at US$6.75.

Black Glittering Neck Party Dress

When you go outside street, White Fancy Stripe Netting Sexy Leggings absolutely will be the best choice for your fashion show. The delicate clipping, prefect sewing line, high quality elastic fabric make you stand out the stream of people. Owning a unique stylish legging is necessary to a fashion lady, and matching a brief and designer tops or blouse, you will be the leader in the fashion party. Don’t hesitate to delay, please speed up and choose a stylish legging for yourself.

Wholesale Leggings in Wonder-beauty is gorgeous.

Wholesale Leggings




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Red Sexy Dresses Is Attractive Without Doubt

Why people preferred red? Because red is the most exciting, most vivid color which give person strongest impression and keep their eyes-catching. But wearing red dresses are not an easy thing. See how the trendsetters do their good job.

Wholesale Leggings calling  Red Seductive Spandex Leggings is enchanting.They are all in Wonder Beauty.

Red Seductive Spandex Leggings

Red Wholesale Leggings shows slender legs, light up the whole collocation, totally enchanting. Mastering red tight sexy leggings is not that easy, but it catching public attention firmly is the king rule.

Elegant Lady Red Lace Mini Dress in Wholesale Bodycon Dresses have expecting for your for a long time.

Elegant Lady Red Lace Mini Dress

Red Wholesale Bodycon Dresses is indeed an aura-catcher.  Hollow out lace design and wrapped top are simple and magnificent. Wearing this dress, how can you fail to catch the attention of public?

Wholesale Mini Dresses is alluring.

Wholesale Mini Dresses

As special clothing for magician- cloak seems to really have magic, it is the best choice to show slim. You don’t have to worry about bloated feel due to wearing too many dresses in the winter. What you should do is just to get Wholesale Mini Dresses, sexy hoses plus a pair long boots. Those will help you build a superbly slim visual effect. Waist belt decoration, we have to say, is a very smart detail.





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Sexy Clubwear Tips Online

What is your plan in those happy days? Maybe you’re planning to go to the beach and enjoy this special vocation. Here, we will recommend you a fantastic blue vocation for you: A blue Sexy Clubwear is gorgeous and amazing, matching with a blue hand bag, the hierarchically luxurious blue is even deeper than the sea.

Sexy Clubwear calling Blue Lovely Flower Tube Dress is high quality and pretty.

Blue Lovely Flower Tube Dress

The double colors design seems elegant and classical. The whole part is full of dynamic rhythm sensation because of sharp contrast colors between top and bottom. Waist design is cast its magic to women’s figure proportion. No wonder the double colors can Wholesale Bodycon Dresses stand out and keep people’s eye polished. The contrast color design make you stay away from the numerous and complicated details, but a little pleated design or texture can be plus points for the dress.

Wholesale Bodycon Dresses is cheap.Blue White Button Clubwear only cost you $4.65.

Blue White Button Clubwear

Wearing a set of white jumpsuits or Wholesale Leggings set and relaxes occasionally. Everything is suddenly enlightened, furthermore, sexy sense never lost. Let the black suits which have accompanied you for a long time take a little rest. White will also be a god idea. It not only brings you visual impacts, the design of jumpsuits or leggings stretch your figure, widely showed but not boastful. I believe the fashion with deep visual impression will make you gorgeous when you’re present occasions, no matter what kind of occasion it is.

Wholesale Leggings Jumpsuit is really a bargain.

Fashion Cut Out Jumpsuit White



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Dream Ticket of Wholesale Evening Dresses

Blanco launched its Large-scale Christmas advertising campaign, which is interpreted by Giedre Dukauskaite, a famous supermodel. The whole set selected white snowflake as background, the colors is bright, the smile is also bright. It is full of festival atmosphere. Whether you wear leopard coat with Wholesale Leggings, or knitted scarves, fedoras, they are all exciting winter fashion items, not only durable, but also fashionable. Do not forget to smile and bright red lips, they are essential embellishment of the festival.

 Rhombus Red Leggings sale at US$5.99.

Rhombus Red Leggings

Sexy Bodycon Dresses from Wonder Beauty is really pretty and cheap.

Sexy Bodycon Dresses


Classic black Wholesale Evening Dresses series is throughout the whole story, matched with metallic colors and ivory. One-piece asymmetric skirt and side slit half ankle skirt show off your slender long legs; one-shoulder dress with metallic handbag is clever and sexy; Sequins dress inside or outside is totally different designs If you are overwhelmed by exaggerated evening dress, so you can some simple beauty design.

visit some Wholesale Evening Dresses in Wonder Beauty.

One-shoulder Black Wholesale Evening Dresses

Wholesale Summer Dresses is flowing and beautiful.

WFloral holesale Summer Dresses


Stradivarius Wholesale Sequin Dresses series isn’t as other brand which is multicolored  to highlight the festival atmosphere. Instead, they pay more attention to the clothing and accessories, such as sequins, shiny silk, feathers, exaggerated sense of accessories, etc. Using black color as dominant color is very cool, sexy lips and red nails also add finishing touch for the festival, so modern and stylish.

Wholesale Black Sequin Dresses is classical and sexy.

Wholesale Black Sequin Dresses

Have a look at Wholesale Sequin Dresses ,really refined and decent.

Wholesale Black Sequin Dresses

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The Printed Sexy Leggings Make Cold Winter More Shinning

Let’s talk about the printed elements which are popular and make the best-selling designs in the market. The effectiveness is abundant and easy to use in the producing dresses, Wholesale Leggings. Various fabrics are harmonious with printed elements. Furthermore, we can create many kinds of art styles pattern with printed elements. Let us together see its amazing magic.

The flower pattern is always the spotlight in the printing field. It changes a lot in the conception. Some British or Chinese classical impressionistic are getting far away from us. The current trend is abstract illustration and Japanese style printing which are full of modern breath.

Wholesale Leggings is fabulous. Special visual effect creates girls a slim image.

Wholesale Printed Leggings.

Wholesale Leggings calling Adorable Floral Legings are really attractive.

Adorable Floral Legings


A totally newly unique ways in fashion is floral printed Sexy Leggings, lively but keep low profile. If you’d like to keep low and love the “less more” style, but feel light color is bring and too ordinary, then you must need a pair of simple but elegant printing leggings to promote your temperament. Even just a swatch of printing decorate, the design will give you a gorgeous season. During the winter, you can based on your favor colors, and add some floral printed upon your leggings, really pretty. Possessing one legging like that make you no worries the whole winter.


Flos Chrysanthemi Winter Leggings, a gorgeous knitting legging that echoes a tribal look with a colorful floral retro style.

Flos Chrysanthemi Winter Leggings

Wholesale Leggings plus coat make a neutral style.

Wholesale Leggings

Dressing yourself with a loose casual coat will make you feel more comfortable in the whole winter; the style includes some male element in it. A brilliant blue handbag makes the whole design lively. You must have a try of this quiet fashionable style. Visit Wholesale Mini Dresses company or wholesale Bodycon dresses company, they always have those fashion items for you, high quality but the price is cheap.



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News of Wonder Beauty Lingerie Fashion


Lovely Arlenis Sosa Pena, a new -generation supermodel exposes a new post of H&M lingerie in December and it is very pleased to see the super show. Here, she greatly shows her beautiful shape and interprets the Sexy Lingerie to the full. Really a Fashion Feast!

Sexy Lingerie sale at US$ 6.11.

Red Silk Robe Leopard Tie Babydoll is really Cheap.

Sexy Lingerie at wonder beauty has been expecting for you.

Sexy Lingerie at wonder beauty has been expecting for you. ,they are all high quality.


Purple, it is easy to associate with romantic lavender garden. When we bring this romantic color to the lingerie design, what kind of feeling it will be? During this new season, Wholesale Sexy Lingerie has launched this romantic purple underwear, which is specially designed for women. It provides the opportunities for franchisees.

Wonder Beauty Lingerie sale at US$4.8

Enticing Purple Lace Teddy Lingerie US$4.8

Wonder Beauty Lingerie is cheap and pretty.

Pretty Wonder Beauty Lingerie



Christmas is coming in 2013, and many brands are plans to introduce more Christmas series products that cater specifically for this Christmas. As for the style and color, they always pick classic red and white as main colors. Pick a Sexy Christmas Costumes or Lingerie, full of smell of festival is very important.

Sexy Christmas Costumes from wonder beauty is cheap and sexy.

Sexy Christmas Costumes




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Story about Sexy Leggings and Yoga

It is a story of yoga before Sexy Leggings appear. There is a woman beginning to practice yoga. As a beginner unfamiliar with yoga, it is a strong fast-pace practice that gets you moving and sweaty. So she needs to find something stretching, lightweight, fine-looking, durable and most importantly comfortable! It is a long search.

 Floral Lace Leather Leggings are sale at US$ 4.99

Sexy Leggings Fashion

On one of her trips home to Brazil, she discovered Liquido and their amazing and Printed Wholesale Leggings. She brought a few pairs back home and applies to her yoga exercise. It’s success! She finally found a gym pants that is durable, comfortable, stylish and affordable! Few times after her new discovery, people come to her for information of cheap leggings one after another. Every time she goes back home and passes by Brazil, she is overwhelmed with requests from friends of funky Wonder Beauty leggings. After that, she finds elastic fabric by chance, and starts her Sexy Leggings business.

Sexy Leggings are really cheap.

Sexy Leggings Fashion of Fur Coat

Then, Sexy Leggings start to prevail, and are used with many ways. They can be matched with Sexy Clubwear, large outfit or used as pants. Paired with high-heel boots or shoes, they look very awesome.

Black Red Fringe Cocktail Dress sale at US$ 14.82.

Black Red Fringe Cocktail Dress

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Why Should People Prepare Sexy Leggings in Their Wardrobe?

The weather is getting cold. We can see the women wearing fashion legging everywhere. In my opinion, as a woman, Sexy Leggings is Indispensable in her wardrobe.

 Why Wholesale Leggings are so popular these years?

 Stylish Chic Spider Leggings sale at US$ 3.50

Wholesale Leggings

The most important reason is their big use. It makes people have a pair of long gorgeous leggings. It can be matched with all kinds of clothes including coat, sweater, and sexy mini skirt, Sexy Clubwear. It can be suitable for people of every level. You can choose what you want based on your fashion perspectives. The time is more and more important for everyone. Maybe some women want to save time and leggings are the best choice because it is completely easy to create a fashionable and high-grade set. Apart from that, they are really Cheap Sexy Leggings.

 Rhombus Red Leggings sale at US$5.99

Rhombus Red Sexy Leggings

Sequin Two-side Leather Sexy Clubwear Leggings is sold at US$ 7.99

Sequin Two-side Leather Sexy Clubwear Leggings is sold at US$ 7.99



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Sexy Santa Costumes VS Russian “Winter Old”

Early January each year is Russian Carnival day. Russian New Year, Christmas are all gathered here. Except the table time spent with family, Russian people are accustomed to buying New Year gifts, such as Sexy Christmas Costumes, jewelry, new arrival fashion dress and e-products.

When Christmas comes, Little Red Riding Hood, Santa Claus with wearing a short red coat, has quietly appeared in Russia around.

“Winter Old”  “Snow Girl.” is also appeared with blue white dresses, full of Sexy Santa Costumes sense. It is reported that these roles are from the Russian New Year fairy tale.

However, it is curious that what the difference between Russia’s “Winter Old” and “Santa Claus” in the end? According to reports, Santa Claus has white beard and always wear a red jacket. “Winter Old” has his own ankle-length coat, hat turned. Their colors don’t have to be red, blue, the color of ice is welcomed. In addition, “Winter Old” has longer white beard than Santa Claus. What a fantastic day! See some Wholesale Costumes  and have great fun on Carnival day.

Sexy Christmas Costumes Sexy Christmas Costumes Sexy Christmas Costumes Sexy Christmas Costumes

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Dresses Code for Wonder Beauty Parties

Again the party season is coming this year. Invitation letters come to you heel after heel. , the dress code on the invitation make you lost?  Wonder Beauty Fashion Dresses Online writes this blog and tell you dress points of different occasion.




Long Evening Dresses


Long Evening Dresses

Long Evening Dresses


Dresses Code of Black Tie, a formal dinner party

For wonder beauty, it is better to wear Long Evening Dresses. Sometimes, the length of 5cm above ankle can be accepted. And design this year has various changes. Responding to the fashion, giving up some conservative style to choose some special design can add some grade for you fashion sense. Stars always do this. Jewelry and evening bags are also where ladies should make great efforts.

Sexy Clubwear

Sequin Club Dresses

Sequin Club Dresses




Dresses Code of Cocktail Party

Cocktail dress has a wider range of length, but the most common is 5 cm above ankle long with is called as tea length.  If hem of dresses reaches to the ankle, they are usually classified into evening dress. Cocktail dress is rich in style. 1954, Christian Dior write in his book “The Little Dictionary of Fashion” and described cocktail dresses as “Elaborate refined and elegant postmeridian frock”. Black Cocktail dress is all-matched. So a piece of black Sexy Clubwear is needed in your closet.

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Fashion Dresses Online is becoming the First Choice of Parties

With urban life increasingly fashionable, Fashion Dresses Online is becoming the first choice of the people’s party.

When it comes to Dress, maybe we can associate it with Flower Pattern Dress and Sequin Club Dresses. But no matter which one we wear, they also can play an important role which can enhance the femininity and aura.

Have some look at their design details.

One-shoulder, Bra-style draped are mainly in order to emphasize women’s shoulder line and neck’s beauty.

V-Deep design perfectly shows cleavage, full of sexy.

Sexy Peplum Dresses highlight the beautiful waist, full of charm.

Short mini skirts outline the sexy long leggings.

Different color, different cut style along with different accessories speaks the different character.







set 2

set 3



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Party Ideas for Wonder Beauty Girls on Christmas

O-M-G! Christmas and New Year is just around the corner! You’re still staying there and do nothing?

Here are tips for those people who need help:

1 Choosing a fur Sexy Christmas Costumes or Santa Claus Christmas costume will be perfect ideas. It’s quite easy to find because there are many online retail stores.

2 If you don’t like a costume, probably a Sequin Club Dresses will be an alternative option. Every party has spot light and you’re gonna be the shinning star from the party.

3 The accessory is also quite important! Without it, even a gorgeous dress will make you as ordinary as others. Gold/sliver earrings will be most suitable when you’re wearing red sequin dress.

4 High heels are a must and it’s quite important to choose! A pairs of black high heels with rhinestone will be amazing!

Wonder Beauty Girls, Move up. Change your old party ideas now! You should enjoy your party night for Christmas and New Year! Let’s have some fun together.

2 3 set1

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Absolutely a Perfect Weapon for Body Shaping-Wonder Beauty Mermaid Dresses

As we all know, Wonder Beauty has a amazing body curve. The top part, we resort to Sexy Lingerie to shape our curve, and the bottom part, mermaid dresses is absolutely a perfect weapon.

Wonder Beauty Mermaid dresses are designed according the natural figure shape- thicker thigh and a thinner shank.  The dresses can be short style, also can be long style. Each one has its own amazing features. The short one is decent and petite, and can highlight your fashionable unique shoes you match it. And if you resort to long one, it makes look tall and elegant.

If you still have no idea about your Cheap Christmas Costumes this year, how about mermaid style, along with rich details design and sparkling accessories to make yourself a center star at the party.

5 1 2 3 4


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News:Australian Fashion Dresses Online


Fashion Dresses Online in the global market, Australia has been at the center away from the edge of fashion. However, in recent years, the Australian garment industry is quietly rising unexpectedly. The data analysis, in 2012, the Australian clothing market size of $ 24 billion, less than the North American market, 1/10, however, still attracts the attention of many international brands and retailers.

Rapid international brands that attract abundant consumers appear has made Australia overall consumer market present a fast unquenchable fashion halo effect. The local brands are also feeling the pressure of fierce competition, they are forced to adapt to the current fast-paced shopping habits, and trying to carry out all aspects of the retail channel. In many types of clothing, Sexy Santa Costumes, Sexy lingerie, Long Evening Dresses and all kind of cosplay costumes has become hot items that Australians are willing to buy. In addition to that, the country’s overall consumers prefer outdoor activities, high-quality tight sports Sexy Leggings, swimwear climbing wear

. And other developed markets, the Australian sportswear market gradually tend to Workout clothes and yoga clothes.



4 2 3

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The Fabric Knowledge of Sexy Lingerie

The Wholesale Lingerie has a variety of styles, and the fabrics are also various. It concludes silky texture, cotton fabric, and chemical fiber.

The silky texture has good touch feeling; this delicate material isn’t static-free. It has a function-absorb and breathable. But it is better no washed by wash machine, it must be washed by the hand and very gently scrub or dry cleaning.


The cotton fabric is soft, breathe freely, sweat-absorbed, and other functions. Its warmth retention property is strong…

In recently years, many manufactures also blended the cotton with all kinds of knitting. Add chemical fibers in cotton, especially for adjustable style lingerie, the Sexy Lingerie not only has the effect of support, also cool in summer.

3 2


The close-fitting clothing material of chemical fiber, except for the natural material such as silk, cotton, linen, also use the artificial chemical fiber, more better than other material.

Do you need a fashionable Sexy Lingerie? Our products can match your demand perfectly. All new, sexy designs are all on our Wonder Beauty. We are not only wholesale sexy lingerie, also the women dress and Cheap Christmas Costumes.

8 1



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Top Long Evening Dresses List – Jennifer Lawrence

With naughty, optimistic temperament, Jennifer Lawrence win the best actress title in 85th Oscar Award because of her excellent performance in “Silver Linings Playbook”.

Although appearance is not very revealing in the peers, but her Long Evening Dresses in red carpet never goes wrong.

2013.11.18 Los Angeles, Jennifer Lawrence with a Dior dresses, she attended “Hunger Games 2: The Prairie Fire” premiere. Although the hair is cut, Lawrence’s temperament didn’t decrease at all. Although the Dior is bald design, but wasn’t abrupt at all on J.L aw.


In the After Part of 2013 Oscar, Jennifer Lawrence wears a simple metal color and halter-neck style Sequin Club Dresses. It’s really eye-catching.



Jennifer Lawrence is in the 2013 BAFTAs.


In 2012 National Selection Awards, Jennifer dressed in hollow-out Bodycon Dresses from Viktor & Rolf, a pair of bind high heels from Sergio Rossi, and Jack Vartanian stud earrings.


On September 6, 2008, the 65th Venice Film Festival, little J put on this silvery Dresses. With black simple party bag, she is unique and confident. From it, we witness her distinctive goodness way. Show This Fashion Dresses Online definitely right.



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Have a Sexy Clubwear or Cheap Christmas Costumes Best Friend Style

In every woman’s life, there is always such a person, she and you do not have blood relationship, but is always standing by your side when you need. She isn’t your lover, but you want to share all your secrets, joys and sorrows to her. They are bosom friend.Let’s go together to Have a best friend Sexy Clubwear style.



Shinning sequin Sexy Clubwear is still popular. It is the leading actor on the fashion stage.You can see them everywhere, stars’ street snap or T-show or ceremonies and so on. And how about this sparkle golden sequin club dresses?Pretty and harmonious but have your own personality. They won’t go wrong absolutely.



For the coming Christmas, You can have a sister’s style Christmas Costumes.Cheap Christmas Costumes but fashionable and eye-catching.  One is red , one is blue, one have belt, one have stocking. You will definitely highlight each other.


Around a handsome chic woman, there’s a sexy young woman full of feminine flavor. Although different character of you two Wonder Beauty, it doesn’t’t matter, Handsome blue top with sexy leggings, and elegant blue bodycon dresses, same color but different style, How amazing. Or you will play both of those characters?

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How to Choose Sexy Clubwear according to Your Body Type –Second Part

How to stress body shape strengths and circumvent its weaknesses? I’ll continue this topic for you Wonder Beauty.

Apple-shaped body refers to who have a plump upper body, large chests, a thick waist with fine legs. This body is just contrary to Pear-shaped body. They should to dark tops such as black, dark green, dark coffee, etc. And wear bright light color bottoms such as white, light grey, etc. White pants match black coat is very fine-looking.

Leaner people are advanced to choose light color which will create an expansion effect. Peaceful warm color appears plumper. But avoid chill aquamarine; it will turn them to be weak and fragile. Furthermore, they can apply to large grid pattern

Sexy Clubwear or horizontal stripe Sexy Clubwear which can make thin body transversely stretched.

Short -legs shape: the color and design of tops should be brighter than bottoms .Or choose single-color suits can heighten the body .They are expected to wear dark –color long pants or Sexy Leggings. Reconcile dark color creates a slim visual effects.







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