Summer is coming

Summer is coming, will you want to have a sexy swimwear, such as, bikini, one-piece swimwear. the swimwear is of course used for summer wear in the pool or by the sea. Summer is very hot, when you wearing a bikini walking in the pool or the beach sunscreen is very important, so, this time you should prepare a beach dress for yourself, wholesale beach dress not only sunscreen but also look sexy or pretty.

Although it is very thin, the effect of rash guards may not be so effective, but at least it will not be sunburn, So, it will be girls choose summer to the beach one of the essential items.

Beach dres have many different kinds of style,most of the color of the beach dress is white color, because in the summer, white will not endothermic, its style is also mostly hollow tulle lace design,because these fabrics are more breathable. Then i will introduce a few do not have the style of the beach dress,they are three styles are transparent tulle fabric design,the difference is that they also add a unique design such as decal straps.





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