Traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day

Today is the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, in fact ,we know a little about it and just know it  called Valentine’s Day, in fact, it has another name called Qi Qiao Festival, but anyway, we still have to celebrate it.
How do we celebrate it?
For me, I like to go shopping, to buy some clothes for myself.What my favorite is to buy a new fashion dress on the internet which is cheap and convenient.It is easy for me to buy one because I always shopping on the internet. Of course, I will buy in advanced and I can wear it  on the Valentine’s Day. 20Next, many people would love to go out to have a date. Although every year has the Valentine’s Day,but every time has a different feeling, on this day, many people  will choose to watch movies or go shopping, but I prefer to go to the beach with a beach dress and I am sure it will be great.

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