Choosing Suitable Wholesale Swimwear According to Body Form

Choosing suitable Wholesale Swimwear according to body form and foiling your healthy figure is an important thing. Choose the right swimsuit can cover the shortcomings, not only can improve body line, it also helps you regain confidence.

Red Dolly Estella Bikini:our bikini with tassel design following the trend fashion.

Hot Red Dolly Estella Bikini

Small Chest– ruffle and bright colors

The women whose chest is not that large can choose the swimsuit with a few ruffles at the front. Because ruffle has it 3-d feeling and can make the chest looks larger. If you wanna more apparent effect, you can choose the bright color swimsuit such as pink, yellow which highlight your white skin and make women’s curve more prominent.

 Pharaoh Golden Mask Romper Swimsuit sale at  US$ 8.50.

Pharaoh Golden Mask Romper Swimsuit


Large Chest – one-piece + horizontal stripes

For busty ladies, they always felt uncomfortable when they wear Wholesale Beach Dresses, they are often afraid of exposure. With one-piece swimsuit, figure lines can be stretched, the exposure can be avoided more or less. And horizontal stripes design is able to make bust moderately large so the body line look more natural and even.

Sliding Blocks Romper Swimsuit sale at 8.50 dollars.

Sliding Blocks Romper Swimsuit

Thick waist – TwoToned Wholesale Lingerie StyleBeach Dresses

For the lady whose waist is thick, when you know to use color collocation to shrink your thick waist line visually, then your can try many kinds of swimwear.  A Two Toned swimsuit is the best choice which can effectively shape waist line.

Wholesale Beach Dresses,skirt style cover your shortcoming.

Sexy Beach Dress

Big hips – skirt style beach dresses

The women who have plump hips should choose short skirt style swimsuit which can exert modification function and effectively cover the hips.

Fierce Leopard Romper Swimsuit shape your body line.

Fierce Leopard Romper Swimsuit


Thick legs – high split

Thick legs bother lots of women and they might as well try some high split swimsuit.  Although it will show out all of the legs, but can make your legs look more slender on the vision, and make the line more aesthetic feeling.


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