Sexy Santa Costumes VS Russian “Winter Old”

Early January each year is Russian Carnival day. Russian New Year, Christmas are all gathered here. Except the table time spent with family, Russian people are accustomed to buying New Year gifts, such as Sexy Christmas Costumes, jewelry, new arrival fashion dress and e-products.

When Christmas comes, Little Red Riding Hood, Santa Claus with wearing a short red coat, has quietly appeared in Russia around.

“Winter Old”  “Snow Girl.” is also appeared with blue white dresses, full of Sexy Santa Costumes sense. It is reported that these roles are from the Russian New Year fairy tale.

However, it is curious that what the difference between Russia’s “Winter Old” and “Santa Claus” in the end? According to reports, Santa Claus has white beard and always wear a red jacket. “Winter Old” has his own ankle-length coat, hat turned. Their colors don’t have to be red, blue, the color of ice is welcomed. In addition, “Winter Old” has longer white beard than Santa Claus. What a fantastic day! See some Wholesale Costumes  and have great fun on Carnival day.

Sexy Christmas Costumes Sexy Christmas Costumes Sexy Christmas Costumes Sexy Christmas Costumes

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