How to Choose Sexy Clubwear according to Your Body Type –Second Part

How to stress body shape strengths and circumvent its weaknesses? I’ll continue this topic for you Wonder Beauty.

Apple-shaped body refers to who have a plump upper body, large chests, a thick waist with fine legs. This body is just contrary to Pear-shaped body. They should to dark tops such as black, dark green, dark coffee, etc. And wear bright light color bottoms such as white, light grey, etc. White pants match black coat is very fine-looking.

Leaner people are advanced to choose light color which will create an expansion effect. Peaceful warm color appears plumper. But avoid chill aquamarine; it will turn them to be weak and fragile. Furthermore, they can apply to large grid pattern

Sexy Clubwear or horizontal stripe Sexy Clubwear which can make thin body transversely stretched.

Short -legs shape: the color and design of tops should be brighter than bottoms .Or choose single-color suits can heighten the body .They are expected to wear dark –color long pants or Sexy Leggings. Reconcile dark color creates a slim visual effects.







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