How to Choose Sexy Clubwear according to Your Body Type –First Part

The happiest day in the year –Christmas Day is calling for us. Except Sexy Christmas Costumes, Sexy Clubwear is needed too.

Body Type is different from one to another. So color choice is different correspondingly. How to stress strengths and circumvent weaknesses cleverly is a big problem.

Once it’s solved, it can make their natural body beauty glowing.  Dresses’ Color has a strong visual effect on human. If you want to let it have a full play on the dress, follow me to have a see.

Wonder Beauty who is a weight whether is better to choose dark and cold tone color which has a contractive feeling. They make a person looks thinner. If they wear a light color dresses, the shadow on the face is very week, so they appear fatter. And it is advanced for Wonder Beauty that they choose a single color or three-dimensional floral pattern or strip can elongate the body and create a slender effect. And they should avoid wearing mini skirt. The proportion of the tops and bottom shouldn’t be similar. The bigger The difference between tops and bottom is , the slimmer they look. And it is best to let coat open.

Pear-shaped body refers to who have a thinner upper body, fine waist with thick thighs, hips. They should apply to bright colors when they choose their Sexy Clubwear tops such as white, pink, light blue and so on; Bottoms should use dark color such as black, dark gray, coffee, etc.; Contrast of tops and bottoms. Highlighting you has s thin upper body and hiding your thicker bottoms will be better. If your have a thick hips, avoid too short outfit for they disclose your shortcoming. But there is a choice. It may as well that you put a short coat outside and let it open tighter short shirts inside which just above your bellybuttons. Then matching it with a waistband dresses can build a long legs illusion; In addition, choose slightly tops with loose bottom so that it will not cling to your hip will be more beautiful.

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