How to choose underwear?

No.1 How to Measure Your Bra Size?

The size of the bust is the chest under the bust (chest near the ribs location circumference), Bra Size Bust (nipple at the apex circumference). Subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement. 10 cm A cup, 10 to 13 cm B cup, 13-15 cm C cup, 15 to 18 cm D cup, 18 to 20 cm E cup these are simple analyzing data, but each underwear manufacturers because the version of the type of the SIZE use will have minor errors, in fact, it is recommended to the counter to try size is the most accurate.

NO.2 How to choose underwear that fit you well?(
China Lingerie Manufacturer)

Before you choose your underwear, you need to know you size first. Do not want to make your breasts look full to wear small size underwear, since long sufferings from oppression, chest prone to breast tumors instead. When you choose you underwear, the most important element is comfortable and better body shaping effect. The ruffle design on the underwear will increase the space of the chest. The second element is the price and the design. The comfortable underwear related to the design of the rims and material. Generally speaking, cotton is the most breathable material to use. Small size chest women may recommend selecting much thicker material and choose more centrally and a deep v-neck one. For those big boobs need to take more attention to cover the whole bust, wear strapless underwear in order to fashion is easy to sagging breasts. All in all, try it on before you choose the underwear.

NO.3 How to choose the right underwear fabric?(Wholesale Lingerie)

Do not select all cotton fabric products, because of the poor shape retention and scalability of the natural fiber. For those make up type of underwear, all cotton fabric one is powerless. Those chemical fibers demonstrate their competitive edge. In order to make a win-win situation, manufacturer often mixes natural fiber and chemical fiber for proper mix ratio to meet the requirements, or in different parts of different fiber fabrics.

Use a little lace will be totally more comfortable and beautiful with the cotton cup is of good wet absorption and shoulder straps with resilient chemical fiber fabrics, if every fabrics takes theirs essence. Currently many manufacturers use the double layered design. The natural fiber application to close to skin, the chemical fiber was used in surface layer. Both beautiful and comfortable, thus killing two birds with one stone.

NO.4 How to put on your underwear?(Wholesale Sexy Lingerie)

How to put on underwear is a kind of grand learning. This is no good if you do not know how to wear, it will accelerate the chest outside the sagging phenomenon, what is more the back of the small fleshy extrusion look ugly. The underwear will shift with the motion of the body; you can adjustments to maintain good breast shape in the toilet in my spare time. Sometimes when you washing too many times and long wear make the strap loose, you need to constantly adjust. The right steps to put on underwear will make you the sexy side. 1) Put right hand into the right hole to the shoulder, and then repeat same to left side 2) Bend within 45 degree angle make the whole breast in the cup and fasten the buckle3) Adjust the nipple in the middle of the bra and the fat of the armpit switch to the bra on the same time pull the chest up 4) Adjust the strap length, the side flat, and the tension with a finger.

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