Women Fashion


Everyone has to wear dresses, everyone wants to choose beautiful dresses, especially for women, they are very cautious when they choose wholesale womne dress. Dress refers to a clothing around the waist, mostly for women dress,it is the earliest human clothing.

Because of its good ventilation and heat dissipation, easy to wear, action freely, beautiful, varied style of many advantages and more widely accepted by people, of which women and children wearing more.

With the clothes, of course, to be accompanied by a fashion bag,for many girls, basically everyone has one or more bags, in addition, they sometimes have a dress with a bag, so the bag for them is still very important.

Next to introduce several different styles.

Women Lace Half Sleeve Casual Dress


White Women Backpack


Blue Women Backless Sleeveless Lace Dress


Black Solid Women Fashion Bag


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Summer is coming

Summer is coming, will you want to have a sexy swimwear, such as, bikini, one-piece swimwear. the swimwear is of course used for summer wear in the pool or by the sea. Summer is very hot, when you wearing a bikini walking in the pool or the beach sunscreen is very important, so, this time you should prepare a beach dress for yourself, wholesale beach dress not only sunscreen but also look sexy or pretty.

Although it is very thin, the effect of rash guards may not be so effective, but at least it will not be sunburn, So, it will be girls choose summer to the beach one of the essential items.

Beach dres have many different kinds of style,most of the color of the beach dress is white color, because in the summer, white will not endothermic, its style is also mostly hollow tulle lace design,because these fabrics are more breathable. Then i will introduce a few do not have the style of the beach dress,they are three styles are transparent tulle fabric design,the difference is that they also add a unique design such as decal straps.





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Women Fashion

As we knows, every girl wants to have a wholesale women dress, because they wear their favorite dress, they will be very happy, when they wear fashion dress, they will be very confident. So they will be very concerned about the choice of the dress. How to choose their own satisfaction and very stylish look good dress, today I come to share with you.

In my opinion, fashion vinyl & leather dress is a good  choice, a dress  is a kind of dresses, because they look very fashionable, that is not outdated.

What style is your dress? Style different style is quite different! It is important to match the style of clothing. Next to see is one of the dress with a design.Besides, you can have many kinds of diffenernt style, for example, vinyl balck umbrella skirt with tops.What clothes should be paired with is what you like.

Vinyl balck umbrella skirt with bra is a good choice, the match looks simple but fashionable.

Sexy Women Vinyl Black Umbrella Skirt And Bra

Sexy-Women-Vinyl-Black-Umbrella-Skirt-And-Bra-W870304--1 20170406023538_7721220170406023541_8228420170406023545_11602


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Summer Girls Essential Goods

Summer is coming, do you have a piece of sexy swimwear. Bikini is the best choice generally refers to women swim wearing swimsuit, that is, bikini swimsuit, also known as “three-point swimwear.

Of course, the ordinary people in life, the bikini is a swimsuit, the beach in the necessary clothing. However, what style of bikini, or how much revealed different cultural ideas.

Wholesale bikini style also has a variety of, for example, hanging neck type, strapless type, off shoulder style. In addition, underwear also have low waist high waist.

The following are different kinds of bikini style.







Swimwear development experience and people’s concept of change and social culture is closely related to swimwear has become an irreplaceable part of the clothing industry.

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Girls Essential Items

Wholesale High heels is a shoes heel higher than ordinary shoes, so that people will wear this shoe is relatively high.High heels in addition to increase the height, more important factor is to enhance the temptation. As long as a woman must learn to wear high heels, so that high heels show you not the same beauty.

Every girl will want to have a pair of nice high heels shoes. With the shoes, the next will be considered to be accompanied by a clothes, i think you can consider with fashion women dress, because  wearing a dress and then wear high heels, then it will be high.

Beautiful dress only with beautiful  high heels shoes , different kinds of dresses  have to accompany a different high heels shoes, it can will show your pretty and confidence.

The following shows the skirt and high heels, can be for your reference. Of course, we can also choose according to their favorite style.






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The Focus Of The Crowd

Everyone wants to be the focus of the crowd, especially for many girls. Girls will wear beautiful clothes when they go out. Especially in the various parties, they will be for their own special to pick a good fashion evening dress. 

Evening dress is is a kind of wholesale women dressesEvening dress is the highest grade in women’s dress, the most distinctive, full display of the personality of the dress style. Also known as night dress, evening clothes, dance clothes. If you want to be the focus in the crowd to attract the attention of others, you have to have a stylish evening dress.

There are many styles of evening dress, for example, metal sequins,  long dress  hemline, dress open fork. Next, i will  introduce several evening dress style.

One Shoulder Sleeveless Fashion design


Black  Long Dress  Hemline


Red Sexy One Shoulder Dress Open Fork



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Fashion Jean Women Coat

Jeans,  after the film and television publicity and celebrity effect, developed into a daily life wear clothing. The 1970s has swept the world, has now become a global stereotypes clothing. Style has been developed to denim jacket, jeans, denim shirt, denim vest, jean dress, denim children’s clothing and other styles.

Jeans with its rugged, casual rugged and other characteristics by the people love, its style and decoration is accompanied by the fashion cycle and rhythm, continuous interpretation and change.

Jean coat is a kind of wholesale women outfits.  Fashion jean coat  look very fashionable and pretty, they have a variety of styles, such as, long- style,short -style. Some of the denim clothing is not decorated, some jeans will be embroidered or stitching and other decoration.

Then i will vintroduce three different denim jackets, the first style is long coat with two pockets. The second style is short coat, There are embroidered patterns on the clothes. The last style have a little different, it look lose and casual, long sleeve with many cartoon rabbit patterns.

Long Sleeve Pocket Fashion Jeans Coat



Ladies Short Jean Patch Jacket



Cartoon Animals Blue Fashion Long Coat



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Fashion Women Two Pieces Suits

Women two pieces suits is also a kind of wholesale women outfits.  Two pieces suits, there are many styles, including casual, formal, sexy, it can be a top with pants,  also can be a top with dress.

Fashion two pieces suits, a clothing price can buy two suitable shape clothing, also save their own time to go with the most important is the two pieces fashion ability can not be underestimated.

Here are three different kinds of two pieces suits, they each have their own different and features.


Fahion sleeveless design, unique floral print design, it look so fashionable and comfortable.


This suit will look more casual, simple short blouse with short pants, suitable for the usual time to wear, you can wear it for shopping.


Compared to the previous two suits, its biggest difference is that sexy. Crop top with slit dress, for you to bring a different fashion sense,  it can show your curve very well.

Personally, i prefer the second suit of styles, because i usually like to wear simple casual clothes. Do not know what kind of style you would like to do? you can choose what you like.


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Different Pants

Our company can be wholesale women outfits.Pants, refers to the people wearing the waist below the clothing, generally by a waistband, a crotch, two legs from sewing. But today, I want to share different fashion jumpsuit to you. Jumpsuit is kinds of  pants, it is usually the biggest difference between wearing pants, is that it is jumpsuit.

The following piece of jumpsuit has three colors, namely black, apricot, and gold, the size is S,M,L,XL. Its style is designed for long sleeves and deep v-neck, the most attractive place is that its body is a sequines design. it look so pretty and fashionable.

There are three colors available for your reference, you can choose your favorite color.  Choose Your love, Enjoy Your Life!



Women Sequin Plunging V Jumpsuit Playsuit




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Vinyl/ Leather Dress

Every girl  like to wear fashion dress,  Because wearing a skirt, not only very beautiful, and very comfortable. Leather dress is a kind of dresses. Girl wearing leather dress, sexy temperament show full. Such as with stockings and boots, can stretch the legs slender lines, more youthful vitality.

So that the choice of fashion leather dress is very important. Leather dress also has a length of the points. Everyone likes the style is also different. In addition, you can choose other wholesale leather clothing, there are slso pretty.

The following several skirts for your reference. they are different styles, but each has its own characteristics, some lace design, some strap design.

Choose Your love, Enjoy Your Life! !!






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About Women Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit is a kind of fashion women outfits,There are a lot of people will choose conjoined, not only because it is convenient, but also because it looks good and slim. But there are a lot of people do not like it,becasuse it  may be on the toilet or wearing the time will be more trouble.

Next, I will introduce several pretty good and convenient fashion jumpsuit.  I believe you will like it, because they look very casual, it is suitable for the usual time to wear.

Choose Your love, Enjoy Your Life!



Looks like a skirt, in fact it is a jean women dress, this dress looks very stylish but very casual.




Women Print Short Sleeve Jumpsuit, unique print design makes clothes look very stylish.


The jumpsuit have four different colors, such as black, blue, grey and wine red. You can choose your favorite color.










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Wonder-Beauty Corset

Corset, also known as tights,  body clothing, plastic clothing, etc., is a functional clothing. Sexy corset can shape the beautiful curve, the breast, abdomen, waist, hip, legs and the effect of obvious, even more sexy woman charming.

There are many kinds of corsets, such as, leather&PVC-corset, overbust corset, underbust corset.  Here are some of the more distinctive leather & PVC corset style.

The first corset have many skeleton patterns, it look so sexy. The second style color is black, The faux leather straps corset  look sexy and  the color is hot red,  front is a zipper design, the back is a strap design.







Looked at several beautiful corsets,  if you like it, you can also have it.

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Differnent Leggings

Pants, refers to people wearing the clothing below the waist.  There are many types of pants,today, i will share women fashion leggings.The original refers to leggings, now refers to the popular from around 2008 or no foot color stockings or tight pants, leggings.

In terms of collocation, you can also use a very short skirt or long T-shirt to match, with a very diverse approach. Later, the further development of leggings is not only color, but also with a variety of patterns, leopard, tiger pattern, or above is a large mesh, you can reveal the skin, but also highlights the sexy women.

Then we will introduce a few special fashion digital print leggings, if you are interested it,  you can choose your favorite style.

Choose Your love, Enjoy Your Life!






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Choose Your love, Enjoy Your Life!

We are a specialized manufacturer & supplier of Sexy lingerie in China, have many kinds of lingeries, sexy babydoll, teddies lingeire, sexy bras,  body stocking and so on.

Next, Ii will introduce one of the sexy lingerie, that is body stocking, most of our body stocking designs are  transparent hollow or lace,there are many colors to choose.

The following sections of the clothes on each have their own characteristics. The first body stocking with belt, the color is pink, style is transparent hollow design. The second style is transparent and lace and color is black, it look very sexy. The last body stocking color is black, style is full transparency.

Sexy Women Pink Bodystocking


Sexy Women Bodystockings


Sexy Women Hollow Out Bodystockings




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women fashion dresses

Women fashion dresses is a garment that surrounds the lower body,it is the earliest human clothing. Because of its good ventilation and heat dissipation, easy to wear, action freely, beautiful, varied style of many advantages and widely accepted by the people.

As the saying goes, for every girl, the wardrobe is always a piece of clothes, actually in my opinion, I think that is missing a dress, wearing a beautiful dress will bring a different mood. you can magine wearing a maxi dress fluttering look, it will feel very good.

Next to introduce several long dress series for your reference.


Red Strapless Fashion Two Pieces Maxi Dress



Fashion Summer Maxi Black Dresses



Fashion Women Long Dress


Looked at these dresses , I believe you must also heart it, not as good as action.


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About Fat girl dream

Many fat girls have a good dream, that is, they can wear beautiful dress as the other girls. Because they are fat, so there is no self-confidence andcan not put on their favorite clothing.

But now different, since the fashion plus size clothing have come out after the increase, the fat girls can also wear their favorite clothing.Next, I will introduce the following sections plus size dresses.

If you are interested it,  you can choose you like dresses.


XXL Layered Seam Dress



This dress size is XXL, a little bit of fat girls is very suitable for wearing. Because the dress color is black,  wear it can looks likes very thin.

XXL 4XL Plus Size Elegant Women Dress





The dress has two sizes, the most unique place is that the dress pattern is leopard design. Leopard pattern has always been a favorite pattern,i believe many girl will love this dress.

XXL Sexy Black Dress



The balck dress look very sexy, because of the unique folds design and lace design, let this dress look very fashion.

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women fashion mini dress

Summer is coming! Many women will wear beautiful dresses, sexy dresses. There are many types of dresses, such as, mini dress, maxi dress, casual dress, evcening dress. Today, i mainly share the mini dress,  mini dresst is a dress with a length of only knee (usually 20 cm or more).

Has been dismissed as an indecent mini dress began to be more and more professional women accepted. At present, mini dress has become a woman’s daily dress.The following are mini dress series, they look very fashionable and sexy.

Looked at these beauty dresses, you are not feeling the heart of it? Not as good as action.


W870411 (3)W870412 (4)W870413A (1)W870413B  (5)



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Fashion Women Halloween costume

At present, more and more people are beginning to pursue fashion. With the emergence of cosplay, costumes also appeared, there are many kinds of costumes, sexy costumes are just one of them.

In addition, there are many types of sexy costumes , such as, halloween costume, christmas costume, elsa costume. In the West, whether in Halloween, or Christmas, many people will wear costumes. Different characters will have different costume, everybody can choose their favorite costume according to their favorite characters.

Choose Your Love!   Enjoy Your Life!

W329010 8.75 OS W5388946 15.6 OS (2) Fashion-Women-Halloween-Costume-A542874-2

Do you want to wear such a beautiful uniform in Halloween?

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women fashion

Sexy Lingerie belongs to adult supplies, sexy lingerie in Europe and the United States and other countries is already a very common product, it is clear that sexy lingerie is the Chinese people to the international benchmark.

There are many types of underwear, such as, sexy babydoll, sexy bra, sexy teddies, sexy bodystocking. each person can choose a different sexy lingerie.

Choose Your Love!   Enjoy Your Life!


W870439 S-XXL (1) W870437 S-XXL (1)
W870438 S-XXL (1)

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Women High Heels Shoes

High heels shoes, as the name suggests, is the relatively high heels shoes, high heels have many different styles, especially in the heel changes are very much, such as fine with, with thick, wedge with, nail with, hammer with , Knife and so on.

Have a pair of wholesale shoes is the dream of every woman’s heart. Because high heel shoes as a woman’s external dressing options reflect her connotation, her taste, her pursuit, her understanding of life.

In here, we have many kinds of fashion shoes, you can choose what you like.


WT72826 37.5 34-40 黑色(1)

WT72813 17.5 35-40 黑色(2)WT72868 19.5 35-40 黑色 (2)WT72869 19 35-40 黑色 (2)

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New Arrival Women Outfits

New arrival wholesale women outfits, it looks like pretty.

This women long sleeve jean fashion tops looks like pretty, not only looks very stylish, but also wear very comfortable.

Women Fashion Long Sleeve Jean Tops



There is no doubt that jean clothing has been very popular style, everyone deserves to have a beautiful and fashion coat, this long jean coat looks like fashion, i believe you will love it.

Fashion Women Long Jean Coat


This tank top has a unique tassel design, i believe that most women will love it. You can try to wear this style.

Fashion Tassels Summer Women Tank Top



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Sexy Lingeries

Every woman must wears lingerie, when you are choosing lingerie, why do not you choose sexy and nice lingerie?

In here, we have many kinds of lingeries, such as, sexy babydoll, sexy bra, sexy teddies, sexy bodystocking you can choose it. If you are wearing it, you will become very confident.

Choose Your Love!   Enjoy Your Life!

W880710 7.5 S-L (3)

WT33446 7.5 S-XL 图片色 (1)WT33448 6.75 S-XL 图片色 (1)

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Sexy Women Bikini

Summer is coming, do you want a piece fashion swimwear or one piece of swimwear? Many women always go swimming, so swimwear for them is very important.

How to choose a good swimwear? Firstly, the swimwear must beautiful, a beautiful swimwear can show youself confidence. Secondly, swimwear must wear comfortable.

If you are interested it, you can choose us.

Choose Your Love!   Enjoy Your Life!



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New arrival women fashion dress

Many women would like a piece of beautiful dress. Today, we can introduce casual dress, because we can wear it in daily life.

Whether in winter or summer, dress for women are essentiallooks, it looks very comfortable and pretty,  many women will love to wear.

Like to wear a beautiful dress women can come in and see.

W880726 13.25 S-L (1)WT76191 5.33 S-XL 灰色 (1)


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Sexy Women One Piece Swimwear

Summer is coming, do you want to a piece of sexy swimwear or one piece swimwear? In here, you can choose beautiful and sexy swimwear. If yuo are wearing it, it looks like pretty.

Many people can go swimming in summer, becasue you can relax yourself. But more importantly, you can wear beautiful swimwear in beach or swimming pool.

It sounds great!!!

Pink Sexy One Piece Swimwear With Zipper

W880691 7.00 S-XXL (2)

Sexy Women White One Piece Swimwear

WT76183 5.56 S-XL 白色 (1)


Black Backless Lace Up Women One Piece Swimwear





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Women Sexy Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Everybody must wear cloths, but you can choose a piece of  fashion jumpsuit or sexy jumpsuit, If you choose the right piece of jumpsuit , it will stretch the body and look likes slim.

Maybe many women want to choose beautiful clothes, but choose a suit for their own jumpsuit is the most important.

In here, you can see beautiful  jumpsuits. You deserve to have it!!!

WE7006024A 10.2 S-XL 粉色(1)WE7006024B 10.2 S-XL 黑色 (1)WE7006024C 10.2 S-XL 红色 (1)WE706026 9 S-XL 黑色 (1)

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Sexy Off Shoulder Bikini Set

Summer is coming, do you want to put on beautiful Wholesale bikini in the summer?Of course, everybody would like to wearing a sexy bikini to the beach to play with friends, that is very relax and full of the feeling of youth.

Do you want to have such a beautiful bikini? Hurry up to it for you.




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Black Women Sexy V-Neck Evening Dress

In the party, everybody would like to wear a piece of dress or wholesale evening dress. It looks like pretty and this skirt is irregular.

If you are wearing this dress, it can show your confidence and beauty in the party.

W880719 11.00 S-XL  (1)
W880719 11.00 S-XL  (3)W880719 11.00 S-XL  (4)

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Do You Have Long Legs To Show Your Good Figure



If you have two long legs and you own the good condition to have a good figure?

For this question, I think the answer is not the absolutely sure.Firstly, you own two long legs, and secondly, you need own two thin legs, and then you can wear what ever you want.

Therefor,if you own that condition, and then how will you chose your clothing? It is may simple for one that own a good figure.

To chose clothing, you may consider color, style of clothes, and the material of clothes. Last ,you may take the quality and the comfort into consideration.

Here I am glad to share with you some new beautiful items.


 Women’s Fashion Zip Flower Print Clubwear Dress



                                         Blue Metallic Printed Fitted Full Black Party Mini Dress

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Frozen Hot Pics

I am so glad to share you some hot pics and hope you like those sexy dress and sexy lingerie.
hot sexy ones

sexy lingerie

sexy clubwear

frozen hot item

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Are You Just Pursue The Brand Clothing

As you can see, nowadays, more and more people pursue famous brand, especially those young people. Some people even just wear the famous band clothes.

 Contrast Color Stripes Long Gown Dress

                                     Contrast Color Stripes Long Gown Dress

There is no doubt that those brand items are more appealing and they are really own different design style. And they do bring you more different feelings,right?

But from another aspect, they are more expensive. For us common people we can chose those clothes are more suitable for us in a low price and as the same time the quality is okay.

In my opinion, no matter what you want,dress,pants,lingerie or any other else, you can find your style and they can satisfy you in some ways.

Enthusiasm Red Classical LingerieEnthusiasm Red Classical Lingerie

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Here Introduce You Some Pieces Fashion Woman Dress

Every woman needs a few dress for different occasions, here I want to introduce some pieces for you woman.

1.Black One -shoulder Full Lace Evening Dress.

woman fashion dress

2.Strapless Blue Floral Dress

Cool Fashion3.Gorgeous Ethnic Blue Mini Dress

woman dress4.Open Back Sheer Mesh Lace Sequin Mini

woman dress

The first one evening dress is suitable for every party, the second one is fit for a date, the third one is fit for a casual daily life, and the last one is sexy and fit for a official appointments.

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Woman Who Keep Exercise Is The Most Charming

Life can’t without exercise and everyone need to keep exercise regularly. Especially those who work in office.

SPort Costumes

Wholesale Sexy Costumes.One piece Race Girl costume. Zipper pleated dress with checkered flag embroidered patches

      Sexy Costumes

Of course, men and women are both need to  keep exercise to relax themselves and reduce the pressure from the work and the Relationships.

Here I want to talk about something that why that is so important for woman to keep exercise regularlly and why those who keep doing that can keep more charming than those women who are not.sport costumes

                                                     Sexy Red Race Car Girl Costume

As you can see, appropriate exercise is not only keep you healthy but give you a good mood. And what is the most important is that you can stay away from trouble.

Now, don’t forget to buy some sport costumes , such as a absorbent underwear is a good choice. Persist in doing that and you will succeed.

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Early Autumn Clothes Choice

Now,some places has entered autumn, but others haven’t yet.

Recently, many people have begun to prepared their autumn costumes. Autumn is a short season those years for us, as a result, I suddenly thought that I seldom prepare special clothes for autumn.

But this year, I would love to make it special. Just for the autumn.

Maybe it is a little hard to chose the style of the clothes,for some people an elegant dress is a good choice, but others may chose a shirt with a casual pants, I think it is good too.Elegant Dress

Graceful Patchwork Stripes Long-sleeve Dress

For me, I would chose a sleeveless and a thin coat, that is my style.Of course, I need a special legging to fit for me.

Sexy Legging

Varies Knives Leggings

Finally, a high-heeled shoes is necessary.

Do you prepare for the coming autumn.


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The Art of Wearing Clothes

How to wear clothes is an art.

From you to me, from man to woman,from the old to the young, everyone has his/her own taste on wearing clothes. Though they have a big difference, they have the same theme on it,which is close to beauty and comfort.

For many times, you may judgement a person from his/her wearing. That is absolutely right, a person’s taste on wearing is show something about him/her.

As a result, everyone should improve the art of wearing clothes and it may bring you surprise.

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Simple or Complicated Wearing?

Every person has different wearing style,some pursue simplicity and others prefer gorgeous style.Some are addicted to Sexy Lingerie and others are not.And what about yours?

Here are some pieces to show you,you can tell me your own opinion and why.

Gorgeous DressSequin Dress Red

Bright Blue DressBlue Metallic Nightclub Sequin Mini Dress

Simple OneTwo-Piece Black Top And White Dress

Pure Whiteness Peplum

 Pure White Strapless Rivets-Sexy Dress

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